Check-In Info

All Flights:

Check-in attendance required 20 minutes before departure times.

Photo ID required to board all flights.


Fares advertised include all taxes and fees. We accept all major credit cards, cash, email transfers and more. Confirmed space requires pre-payment to reserve seating. Confirmations over 24 hours in advance will receive email confirmations.

Minimum number of fares required to operate an advertised service.

All fares are non-refundable except within 24 hours of purchase. Unused fares may be applied towards any other subsequent flight charge at later date, at original face value.

Fare Cancellation, Change Policy and Forfeit of fares:
No show at check in time results in forfeit of fare. Fares can be cancelled and or changed as per tariff. Please inquire for full details.


Cargo Rates are $2.50 per lb. to all destinations. Confirmed space may be purchased. Inquire for rates.

Golf Clubs minimum handling Charge $15.00
Surfboards minimum handling charge $25.00

Any 2 points served Small Pets (max. 25 lbs) $45.00
Any 2 points served Large Pets (max. 75 lbs) $90.00

Transport Canada on Seaplane Safety read here


Free baggage limit 30 lbs on all flights.

Excess Baggage:

$1.05 per lb. on East coast flights.
$2.50 per lb. on West coast flights.

Sports caught salmon is classified as cargo. Cargo is charged at rate of $2.50 per pound.

  • Sports caught salmon must be packed in sealed, leak proof containers.
  • Labels must indicate fisherman’s DFO fishing license number marked on outside of box or package.
  • Completed weight (including ice) of package must be marked and circled on outside of box or package, before it can be accepted for flight.

Baggage Size and Weight Limitations:

  • Single piece baggage must not exceed 50 lbs. (22.7 Kg) in accordance with Worksafe BC.
  • Passengers are recommended to travel with soft sided baggage for seaplane travel.
  • The MAXIMUM size of any one bag included in passenger Free baggage allowance is 26″ x 17.5″ x 11.5″. Bags over this size charged additional fees for loading and handling, and based on space availability.

All baggage and cargo subject to contents inspection and weighing.


Small parcel freight and cargo items, letters/documents start at $10.50 on scheduled services, when space available. Confirmed space may be purchased. Inquire for rates.

Hazardous Goods:

No hazardous goods are carried by airline. This includes Bear Spray and Camping fuels. Contact airline with any questions.

General Tariff Information:

Please call or email us regarding Domestic Tariff related questions, such as passenger liability, carriage of children, carriage of unaccompanied minors, acceptance of goods, carriage of animals and Accessibility.

Please view full company tariff at our main base office during hours of 9-5, M-F except holidays.