Hot Springs Cove

Hot Springs Cove Adventure Tour

A unique experience awaits you with our custom Hot Springs Cove Adventure and whale watching tour. Departing from Sproat Lake and flying over Pacific Rim Highway through Sutton Pass, we carry onwards to Kennedy Lake and across Clayquot Arm westward to Tofino Inlet. We fly by the town of Tofino enroute to Hot Springs Cove, crossing over the exotic Pacific sand beaches of Vargas Island, Whaler Island and Flores Island.

Rounding Rafael Point on Flores Island on approach to land in Hot Springs Cove, we will fly right by Maquinna Park and the famous hot springs. On arrival we taxi up to the Government Wharf where, after disembarking, you can hike a boardwalk surrounded by old growth forest for 30 minutes out to the Springs. Spend a couple hours soaking in the therapeutic, mineral rich thermally heated water.

*Service Note: Cessna maximum 3 passengers. This tour is 3:45 hours in duration which includes over 2 hours holding time at Hot Springs Cove. Add-on lunch onboard the MV InnChanter Floating B&B, or aerial whale watching. Call for tour pricing, add-on’s or larger group sizes.